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                    "THE SECOND EPISTLE TO TIMOTHY"

                Our Duty To Apostolic Teaching (1:13-14)


1. Knowing that his death was imminent, Paul charged Timothy regarding
   his duties as an evangelist...
   a. To stir up the gift of God given him - 2Ti 1:6
   b. To not be ashamed of the testimony of the Lord, or of those who
      suffer for Him - 2Ti 1:8
   c. To hold fast to that which he has heard, and to keep that
      committed to him - 2Ti 1:13-14

2. It is the charge in verses 13-14 that I wish to focus our attention
   in this study...
   a. For it describes the duty that we have today regarding that taught
      by the apostles of Christ
   b. Whether evangelists or not, the duty remains the same for all

[For like Timothy, all Christians have been the beneficiaries of that
revealed by the apostles; with the blessings we have received come the
responsibilities as well.  For example, consider our duty to...]


      1. The words of the apostles are "sound words" - cf. 1Ti 1:10;
         6:3; Tit 2:1
         a. hugiaino - "to have sound health, that is, be well (in
            body); figuratively to be uncorrupt (true in doctrine): - be
            in health, (be safe and) sound, (be) whole (-some). - Strong
         b. They are "sound" because:
            1) They are the words of God - 1Th 2:13
            2) They are the commandments of the Lord - 1Co 14:37
      2. We are to hold them fast
         a. By continuing in them - 2Ti 3:14; cf. Ac 2:42
            1) This was Paul's charge to Timothy as an evangelist
            2) This is what characterized the early church from the
            3) This implies that we are "doers" of the word, and not
               "hearers only" - Jm 1:21-25
         b. By contending for them - Jude 3
            1) "The faith" (i.e., that which we are to believe) has been
               delivered "once for all"
            2) We need not look for latter day revelation
               a) For God has given us "all things that pertain to life
                  and godliness" - 2Pe 1:3
               b) The Scriptures are sufficient to make the man of God
                  "complete, thoroughly complete for every good work"
                  - 2Ti 3:16-17
            3) Our duty is to "contend earnestly" for the faith
      -- Are you "holding fast" the teaching of the apostles by both
         continuing in them and contending for them?

      1. What others have said this means:
         a. "Hold these truths with sincere faith in the Lord Jesus, and
            with that love which is the best evidence of attachment to
            him."- Barnes
         b. "in the exercise of faith, and from a principle of love;"
            - Gill
      2. Thus we must believe in that which we are holding fast
         a. In what we are holding fast (i.e., the doctrine)
         b. In whom we are holding fast (i.e., the Person)
      3. Thus we must possess the spirit of love while holding fast
         a. Love for God and His Word
         b. Love for man (including those with whom we differ) - cf. Ep
            4:15; 2Ti 2:24-26
      -- In holding fast to the apostolic doctrine, are you doing so
         with sincere faith in Jesus and love for both God and man?

[Such is our duty to those things taught by the apostles of our Lord
Jesus Christ.  So important is this duty that Paul reiterates the idea
in slightly different words...]


      1. Note first the committal process of the gospel
         a. The gospel was committed to the apostles - 1Ti 1:11
         b. They in turn committed it to men like Timothy - 1Ti 6:20
         c. Who in turn were to commit it to faithful men who teach
            others - 2Ti 2:2
      2. Those who have received it must "keep" or "guard" it
         a. phulasso - "denotes (a) 'to guard, watch, keep watch,' (b)
            'to keep by way of protection,' (c) metaphorically, 'to keep
            a law, precept,'" - Vine
         b. This is Paul's charge to Timothy - 2Ti 1:14
         c. This is the charge of all who have received the gospel
      -- Are you safely guarding what has been committed to you, by
         virtue of your own acceptance of the gospel?

      1. What others have said this means:
         a. "By the aid of the Holy Spirit. One of the best methods of
            preserving the knowledge and the love of truth is to cherish
            the influences of the Holy Spirit."- Barnes
         b. "Keep it by the help of the Holy Spirit." - B. W. Johnson
      2. Review what the apostles themselves teach us about the Holy
         Spirit and the Christian:
         a. The Holy Spirit dwells in the Christian - 1Co 3:16; 6:19
         b. By the Spirit God strengthens the inner man - Ep 3:16,20
         c. The Spirit produces wonderful fruit in those led by Him - Ga
         d. A means by which He does this is through the very Word we
            are to guard - Ep 6:17
      3. Thus we must equip ourselves with the Word of God
         a. Receiving it, as it "effectively works" in those who believe
            it - 1Th 2:13
         b. Doing it, as it blesses those who are "doers" and not
            "hearers only" - Jm 1:25
      -- Are we letting the Spirit's Sword equip us that we may in turn
         guard it safely?


1. "Our Duty To Apostolic Teaching" is very clear...
   a. We must hold fast the pattern of sounds words, in faith and love
      which are in Christ Jesus
   b. We must keep (guard) that which has been committed to us, by the
      Holy Spirit in us

2. It is not enough to simply know the words given to us by the
   a. We must continue in them and contend for them, in both faith and
   b. We must safely guard them, with the aid of the Holy Spirit

The fact that we are Christians today is evidence of previous
generations being true to this charge; will the same be said of us?
Will later generations be grateful that we were faithful in keeping "Our
Duty To Apostolic Teaching"...?
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