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                    "THE SECOND EPISTLE TO TIMOTHY"

                        Preach The Word! (4:1-4)


1. A solemn charge was given by Paul to Timothy...
   a. In view of the coming of the Lord and His judgment - 2Ti 4:1
   b. Pertaining to preaching the Word of God - 2Ti 4:2-4

2. It is a charge that should considered carefully by all...
   a. By those who preach the Word, in response to the Great Commission
      - Mk 16:15
   b. By those who send and support those who preach - cf. Ro 10:15

[Our text reveals that not all preaching is the same.  There is that
which pleases God, there is that which clearly displeases Him.  With the
words of Paul before us, let's first examine...]


      1. "Be ready in season and out of season" - 2Ti 4:2
      2. Preaching that reveals a degree of preparation; i.e., study
         that shows...
         a. One has given attention to reading, and to doctrine - cf.
            1Ti 4:13,16
         b. One has been diligent in their learning - cf. 2Ti 2:15;
      3. Preaching that is ready on all occasions
         a. in season - "seasonably, opportunely; when the opportunity
            occurs" - Thayer
         b. out of season - "a minister is to seek opportunities to
            preach the gospel even at such periods as might be
            inconvenient to himself, or when there might be hindrances
            and embarrassments, or when there was no stated appointment
            for preaching." - Barnes

      1. "convince" - 2Ti 4:2
         a. "reprove" (KJV, NASB)
         b. "correct" (NIV)
      2. "to use such arguments as would 'convince' men of the truth of
         religion, and of their own need of it." - Barnes
      3. As Paul did in the synagogues - cf. Ac 17:2-3; 19:8

      1. "rebuke" - 2Ti 4:2
      2. "to admonish or charge sharply" - Thayer
      3. "chide for sin; some privately, others more publicly, according
         to the nature and circumstances of the offense; some more
         gently, others more roughly, as is needful." - Gill
      4. So Paul likewise charged Titus - cf. Tit 2:15

      1. "exhort" - 2Ti 4:2
      2. "to encourage and strengthen by consolation" - Thayer
      3. "as the ministers of the Gospel are in some cases to be
         'Boanergeses', sons of thunder, so other cases they should be
         Barnabases, sons of consolation; and comfort distressed minds,
         by preaching the comfortable doctrines of peace, pardon,
         righteousness and salvation by Jesus Christ." - Gill

      1. "with all longsuffering" - 2Ti 4:2
      2. "patience, forbearance, longsuffering, slowness in avenging
         wrongs" - Thayer
      3. "with a patient and persevering spirit if you are opposed;"
         - Barnes
      4. Shown toward both the faint-hearted and hardhearted - cf. 1 Th
         5:14; 2Ti 2:24-25

      1. "and teaching" - 2Ti 4:2
         a. "doctrine" (KJV)
         b. "instruction" (NASB)
      2. "that which is taught, doctrine, teaching, concerning
         something; the act of teaching, instruction" - Thayer
      3. "in a way that is instructive and teaching, and in agreement
         with the doctrine of the Scriptures, which are profitable for
         that purpose." - Gill

[Preaching that pleases God is "well-rounded":  ready at all times,
seeking to persuade, rebuking when necessary, yet with all longsuffering
instructing others in the doctrine of the Lord.  Contrast that with...]


      1. The time will come when some will not endure 'sound doctrine'
         - 2Ti 4:3
         a. Lit., "healthful doctrine"
         b. "doctrine contributing to the health of the soul, or to
            salvation." - Barnes
      2. Times of which Paul had already warned Timothy
         a. When people will give heed to deceiving spirits - 1Ti 4:1-2
         b. When people will be lovers of self and pleasure - 2Ti 3:1-2
      3. They will want to hear things 'according to their own desires'
         - 2Ti 4:3
         a. That justifies their sinful behavior, rather than rebukes
            them for it
         b. When guilty of things "contrary to sound doctrine" (e.g.,
            sodomy) - cf. 1Ti 1:10
         c. Not being told such things are 'unhealthy' to their soul
            (e.g., homosexuality) - cf. 1Co 6:9-10

      1. People will have "itching ears" - 2Ti 4:3
         a. "loving to have their ears scratched and tickled with smooth
            things; that are pleasing and agreeable to natural men, and
            carnal minds;" - Gill
         b. "Endless curiosity, an insatiable desire of variety; and
            they get their ears tickled with the language and accent of
            the person, abandoning the good and faithful preacher for
            the fine speaker." - Clarke
         c. They will love to hear even true preachers, if they are
            eloquent - cf. Eze 33:30-33
      2. They will "heap for themselves teachers" - 2Ti 4:3
         a. There will be plenty of teachers willing to accommodate them
         b. People will find the teachers that please them
      3. The sad result of such preaching - 2Ti 4:4
         a. People "will turn their ears away from the truth"
            1) The truth of God will not interest them
            2) They will have no time to hear what the truth has to say
         b. They will "be turned aside to fables"
            1) "Believe any kind of stuff and nonsense;" - Clarke
            2) "as one has justly observed, 'Those who reject the truth
               are abandoned by the just judgment of God to credit the
               most degrading nonsense.'" - ibid.
            3) Or as attributed to G. K. Chesterton:  "He who does not
               believe in God will believe  in anything."


1. The truthfulness of the words by Clarke, Chesterton, and apostle Paul
   can easily be seen today...
   a. People will reject the Word of God, but believe in witchcraft,
      UFOs, channeling, etc.
   b. People will reject the Gospel of Christ, but accept religious
      traditions of men
   c. People reject "sound doctrine", but accept "unhealthy teaching"
      that endangers body and soul

2. The problem is the type of "preaching" people want to listen to...
   a. They listen to be entertained, to justify fulfilling the lusts of
      the flesh
   b. They do not listen to be saved, to learn the way of righteousness

Those who dare to preach, and those who desire to hear, should make sure
the preaching is that which pleases God!  Have you responded in
obedience to the preaching of God's Word...? Ro 6:17-18
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