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                      "THE EPISTLE TO THE HEBREWS"

                              Chapter Six

The interruption of the discussion regarding Jesus as High priest
continues with a solemn warning regarding spiritual progress, and the
need for diligence, faith and patience in order to inherit the promises
(1-12).  The certainty of Godís promises upon which our hope is based
serves as an anchor of the soul that reaches into heaven itself, where
Christ is now our High Priest according the order of Melchizedek


   *  Elementary principles in the doctrine of Christ

   *  The very real danger of crucifying again the Son of God

   *  The basis of our hope that serves as an anchor of the soul


1) What are the main points of this chapter?
   - The peril of not progressing - He 6:1-12
   - The certainty of Godís promise - He 6:13-20

2) What six things are mentioned as elementary principles of Christ?
   - Repentance from dead works
   - Faith toward God
   - The doctrine of baptisms
   - Laying on of hands
   - Resurrection of the dead
   - Eternal judgment

3) What five blessings were experienced by some who had fallen away?
   - Once enlightened
   - Tasted the heavenly gift
   - Partakers of the Holy Spirit
   - Tasted the good word of God
   - Tasted the powers of the age to come

4) As those once blessed persist in their sin, what is their condition?
   Why? (6)
   - It is impossible (for others) to renew them again to repentance
   - They crucify again the Son of God and put Him to open shame

5) What confidence did the author have for his original recipients? Why?
   - Better things that accompany salvation
   - Because of their work and labor of love in ministering to the

6) Even so, what qualities did he desire of them? (11-12)
   - Diligence, imitation of the faith and patience of those who inherit
     the promises

7) Upon what two immutable things does our hope lie? (13-18)
   - Godís promise and Godís oath, both in which it is impossible for
     God to lie

8) As what does our hope serve?  To where does it reach? (19-20)
   - An anchor of the soul; into heaven itself where Jesus is our High
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