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                        "THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD"

                     The Promise Of The Holy Spirit


1. In our previous lesson we surveyed the work of the Holy Spirit in
   regards to...
   a. Creation
   b. Revelation
   c. Confirmation
   d. Regeneration
   e. Sanctification

2. It is evident that the Holy Spirit has been at work throughout...
   a. The history of mankind
   b. The redemption of mankind

3. Of special interest is the working of the Holy Spirit in the life of
   a Christian...
   a. An area of study in which many have questions
   b. An area in which there is great diversity of views

[A good place to begin might be the promise of the Holy Spirit.  Long
before Jesus came, God began making promises about the Spirit ...]


      1. Recorded in Joel 2:28-32 (ca. 800 B.C.)
      2. The elements of this prophecy included:
         a. The Spirit being poured out on all flesh - Joel 2:28
         b. Sons and daughters of Israel prophesying , and Israel's
            young and old men seeing visions and dreaming dreams (note
            "your") - Joel 2:28
         c. God's Spirit being poured out upon His menservants and
            maidservants (including Gentiles?) and their prophesying
            - Joel 2:29
      3. This prophecy began to be fulfilled on the Day of Pentecost
         after the Ascension of Christ
         a. When the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles in Jerusalem 
            - Ac 2:1-4
         b. Who enabled them to speak in foreign languages - Ac 2:4-13
         c. Note that Peter ties the events of that day with Joel's
            prophecy  - Ac 2:15-21
      -- It will be necessary to consider other passages to determine
         the full extent of the nature of this outpouring of the Spirit
         and its ramifications for today

      1. One recorded in Isa 44:3-5 (ca. 750 B.C.)
      2. Elements of this prophecy include:
         a. God pouring His Spirit upon Israel's descendants - Isa 44:3
         b. Connecting the promise of the Spirit with the figure of
            water given to him who is thirsty - cf. Jn 7:37-39
      3. Another prophecy that might relate to the promise of the Spirit
         - Isa 32:15-17
         a. Found in a section that appears to have Messianic
            implications - cf. Isa 32:1
         b. The result of this pouring of the Spirit:  justice,
            righteousness, and peace - cf. Ro 14:17

      1. One recorded in Ezek 36:26-27
      2. Elements of this prophecy:
         a. God promises to put His Spirit "within you" (an indwelling)
         b. It will cause (enable) one to walk in His statutes and keep
            His judgments - cf. Ro 8:11-13; Ep 3:16
      3. Another prophecy that might relate to the promise of the Spirit
         - Ezek 39:29
         a. A prophecy that looks beyond the captivity and restoration
            of Israel
         b. One that might not have been fulfilled until the coming of
            the Messiah

      1. Recorded in Zech 12:10
      2. Elements of this prophecy:
         a. The Spirit of grace and supplication to be poured out on the
            inhabitants of Jerusalem
         b. Prompting people to look upon Jesus whom they have pierced,
            and mourn because of Him - cf. Ac 2:32-37

[Whether the prophecies of Ezekiel and Zechariah have reference to a
promise that would be fulfilled in the age of the Messiah may be
questionable, but certainly the prophecy of Joel and Isaiah demonstrate
that God promised an "outpouring" of the Spirit in a special way.  We
now consider...]


      1. He spoke of One coming who would "baptize you with the Holy
         Spirit" - Mt 3:11; Mk 1:7-8; Lk 3:16; Jn 1:33
      2. While he himself administered a baptism in water, there was One
         coming who would be the administrator of a baptism with the
         Holy Spirit
      3. The promise was made to large crowds; only in its fulfillment
         can we determine its full extent
         a. We know that it is somehow tied to the events of Pentecost
            in Ac 2:1-4
         b. Because of Jesus' comments in Ac 1:4-5

      1. The Spirit would be given to those who ask the Heavenly Father
         - Lk 11:13
      2. The Spirit would be given as "living water" to all those who
         thirst and come to Him in faith, and drink - Jn 7:37-39
         a. Might this "living water" be "the gift of God" Jesus alluded
            to earlier? - cf. Jn 4:10-14
         b. Note again the comparison of the Spirit to water in Isaiah's
            prophecy - Isa 44:3
      3. To His apostles, Jesus promised the "Spirit of truth" who
         a. Be a Helper, and abide with them - Jn 14:16-17
         b. Bring to their remembrance all things Jesus taught them - Jn
         c. Bear witness of Christ, together with the apostles - Jn 15:
         d. Convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment - Jn 
         e. Guide the apostles unto all the truth, including things to
            come - Jn 16:12-13
         f. Glorify Jesus, by taking of what is His and declaring it to
            them - Jn 16:14
      4. Jesus told His apostles to wait in Jerusalem until they
         received the "Promise of the Father" - Lk 24:49; Ac 1:4-5
         a. Which He clearly connects to the baptism of the Spirit
            spoken of by John
         b. In which they (the apostles) would receive power, and be
            eyewitnesses - Ac 1:8

      1. On Pentecost, Peter ties the outpouring of the Spirit to the
         prophecy of Joel - Ac 2:14-16
      2. Then, in the course of his sermon, Peter...
         a. Speaks of the outpouring of the Spirit as a promise Jesus
            received from the Father - Ac 2:33; cf. Ac 1:4-5
         b. Offers the gift of the Spirit to all who repent and are
            baptized - Ac 2:38
         c. Says the promise is to them and others - Ac 2:39
            1) What promise does Peter have in mind?
            2) What promise would have immediately come to mind to his
            3) Would it not have been the promise he just alluded to?
               a) The promise received by Christ, and now poured out by
                  Christ - Ac 2:33
               b) I.e., the Spirit which Jesus Himself promised to
                  believers - cf. Jn 7:37-39
               c) "That we are right in referring the word promise, in
                  this sentence, to the promise of the Holy Spirit just
                  made by Peter, is evident from the fact that this is
                  the only promise made in the immediate context." 
                  - J. W. McGarvey
               d) "For the promise... - Of pardon, and the gift of the
                  Spirit." - B. W. Johnson
               e) "Acts 2:39 shows that the gift of the Holy Spirit is
                  to all, Jews and Gentiles, who accept that call of
                  God." - David Lipscomb


1. In this study we have seen the following...
   a. Old Testament prophets promised a special dispensation of the
      Spirit to come
      1) One that would include the manifestation of special gifts
      2) One that would enable the people of God to keep His will
   b. John and Jesus promised a baptism of the Spirit, administered by
   c. Peter in his first gospel sermon...
      1) Proclaims this promise to be fulfilled with the outpouring of
         the Spirit - Ac 2:16,33
      2) Appears to offer the Spirit as a gift to all who obey the
         gospel - Ac 2:38-39

2. This naturally raises several questions...
   a. Does this mean the baptism of the Holy Spirit is for us today?
   b. What exactly is the baptism of the Holy Spirit?
   -- Questions I shall attempt to address in our next study

In view of the promises made concerning the Spirit, we should not be
surprised to read of the work of the Spirit in the life of the
Christian.  Of course, the challenge will be to discern exactly what the
Bible reveals, and not read into the Scriptures any preconceived ideas
regarding His work...
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