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                          "THE GOSPEL OF MARK"

               At The Home Of Simon And Andrew (1:29-39)


1. Mark's account of the ministry of Christ, like most of his gospel,
   a. Concise
   b. Fast-paced

2. Even so, Mark does reveal what it must have been like for Jesus...
   a. On a daily basis
   b. In constant demand as a teacher and a healer

[For example, after teaching in the synagogue, casting an unclean spirit
out of man, Jesus retires to the home of two of his disciples, Simon and
Andrew.  In our text (Mk 1:29-39), we read how...]


   A. THE TEXT...
      1.  Leaving the synagogue, they enter the house - Mk 1:29
         a. The synagogue where Jesus had taught with authority - cf. Mk
         b. The house of Simon and Andrew, whom Jesus had called - cf.
            Mk 1:16-18
      2. Simon's wife's mother lay sick of a fever - Mk 1:30
         a. Her daughter the wife of Simon, better known as the apostle
            Peter - cf. Mk 3:16
         b. About whom (the mother-in-law) they told Jesus immediately
      3. Whom Jesus heals immediately - Mk 1:31
         a. Taking her by the hand and lifting her up
         b. Free of fever, she then served them

      1. Note the compassion of our Lord
         a. Whether in the crowded synagogue or the quiet home, Jesus is
            ready to heal - Erdman
         b. The touch of His hand, suggests tenderness and sympathy
            - ibid.
      2. Note that Peter was married
         a. His wife would later join him on his travels - cf. 1Co 9:5
         b. Who according to tradition suffered crucifixion together
            with him
         c. "That Peter had a mother-in-law shows that the idea of a
            celibate priesthood was foreign to that day. It is a
            tradition of men which finds no support in the Word of God
            and which breeds a host of evils." - Believer's Bible
         d. Requisite celibacy is certainly foreign to the Scriptures
            - cf. 1Co 7:2,9; 1Ti 3:2,12
      3. Note the immediate response of the mother-in-law
         a. Restored, she used her health to serve others
         b. When restored from sickness, do we show our gratitude by
            serving others?

[As the day draws to a close, Jesus' work is not yet done.  For we next
read how...]


   A. THE TEXT...
      1. At evening many assemble - Mk 1:32-33
         a. After sunset, when the Sabbath was over
         b. All who were sick, and those demon-possessed were brought to
         c. The whole city gathered at the door of the house
      2. Jesus healed many - Mk 1:34
         a. Mark says "many"
         b. Matthew says "all" - Mt 8:16
      3. He cast out many demons - Mk 1:34
         a. Just as He done with the unclean spirit in the synagogue
            - Mk 1:23-26
         b. Likewise forbidding them to speak, because they knew Him

      1. Note the time - at the end of the day
         a. When people would normally retire
         b. Yet Jesus receives all who come to Him
      2. Note the response of the people
         a. Reacting naturally to hearing of one who could really heal
         b. If someone could really heal like Jesus or His apostles,
            crowds could not be kept away - cf. Ac 5:14-16
      3. Note the success of the healer
         a. Jesus healed all who came to Him - cf. Mt 8:16
         b. The apostles had similar success - cf. Ac 5:16
         c. Contrast this with so-called "faith healers" today

[Following such a long day of teaching and healing, even so we find that
early the next morning...]


   A. THE TEXT...
      1. Jesus rises early in the morning, long before daylight - Mk
      2. He departs to a solitary place, and there He prays - Mk 1:35

      1. Note that Jesus was a man of prayer
         a. Mark mentions other times that Jesus prayed - Mk 6:46;
         b. If the Son of God needed to pray, how much more do we!
      2. Note that Jesus preferred places of solitude to pray
         a. Luke says it was a deserted place - cf. Lk 4:42
         b. Jesus would later go to a mountain - cf. Mk 6:46
         c. He prepared for His crucifixion by praying in quiet garden
            - cf. Mk 14:32-42
         d. We do well to seek out quiet places to pray - cf. also Mt 6:

[Finally, we observe in our text that...]


   A. THE TEXT...
      1. Simon and others search for Jesus - Mk 1:36
      2. Finding Him, they tell how everyone is looking for Him - Mk
      3. He says that His purpose requires that He go to other towns to
         preach - Mk 1:38
      4. Which He does throughout all Galilee, preaching in the
         synagogues and casting out demons - Mk 1:39

      1. Note that Jesus' purpose was to preach
         a. To proclaim the coming kingdom of God - cf. Mk 1:14-15
         b. Healing was secondary, to confirm His authority
         c. Likewise our focus should be on what Jesus taught, rather
            than His miracles
      2. Note that Jesus preached and then moved on to the next town
         a. Once people heard the message, He moved on to those who had
            not heard
         b. Might this provide insight into our own evangelistic
         c. Oswald J. Smith said, "No one has the right to hear the
            gospel twice, while there remains someone who has not heard
            it once."
         d. That is not entirely true, for the apostles later stayed in
            the same place for some period of time - cf. Ac 17:2; 18:
            3-4,11; 19:8-10
         e. Even so, the point remains the same:  our purpose is to tell
            as many people as possible about the gospel of Christ! - cf.
            Mk 16:15


1. In the short time He was at Simon and Andrew's home, Jesus revealed
   Himself to be a man of...
   a. Compassion
   b. Service
   c. Prayer
   d. Purpose

2. As disciples of Jesus, may we too be people of...
   a. Compassion toward those who are sick
   b. Willing to serve others as we have the ability
   c. Prayer, taking the time and find the place to do
   d. Purpose, especially in regards to fulfilling the Great Commission

Speaking of the Great Commission, have you responded to its message...?
- Mt 28:19-20; Mk 16:15-16
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