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                        "THE GOSPEL OF MATTHEW"

                            Chapter Fourteen

Word of Jesusí ministry came to Herod the tetrarch, and Matthew tells
how Herod killed John the Baptist (1-12).  Hearing of Johnís death,
Jesus sought privacy but was followed by the multitudes and fed over
5000 with five loaves and two fish (13-21).  Sending His disciples away
by boat, Jesus dispersed the crowd and went to the mountain to pray.  He
later joined His disciples by walking on the sea (22-33).  In the land
of Gennesaret, Jesus healed all who came to Him by simply letting them
touch the hem of His garment (34-36).


   *  The unlawful marriage of Herod that led to Johnís death

   *  Two miracles that demonstrate Jesusí power over nature

   *  The inverse relationship between fear and faith


1) What are the main points of this chapter?
   - The death of John the Baptist - Mt 14:1-12
   - Jesus feeds the five thousand - Mt 14:13-21
   - Jesus walks on the sea - Mt 14:22-33
   - Jesus heals many in Gennesaret - Mt 14:34-36

2) Who did Herod think Jesus was when he heard about Him? (1-2)
   - John the Baptist, risen from the dead

3) What led to Herodís arrest of John the Baptist? (3-4)
   - Johnís rebuke of Herodís unlawful marriage to Herodias (cf. Mk

4) How was Herod tricked to have John beheaded? (6-10)
   - By Salomeís dance, Herodís foolish oath, and Herodiasí prompting

5) When Jesus heard of Johnís death, what did He try to do? What
   happened? (13)
   - Go to a deserted place; the multitudes followed Him

6) What prompted Jesus to heal the sick and feed the hungry? (14-15)
   - His compassion for them

7) How many were fed, and with what?  (16-21)
   - 5000 men, besides women and children; five loaves and two fish

8) As Jesus walked on the sea, what led to Peter sinking? (25-31)
   - Fear, which Jesus attributed to little faith

9) How were the sick in the land of Gennesaret healed? (34-36)
   - As many as touched the hem of Jesusí garment
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