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                        "THE GOSPEL OF MATTHEW"

                          Chapter Twenty-Four

This chapter records the beginning of the Olivet discourse, prompted by
questions following Jesusí prediction of the destruction of the temple
(1-3).  It involves the destruction of Jerusalem which occurred in 70
A.D., though many also see intertwining references to the Second Coming
of Christ (4-51).


   *  The fulfillment of events foretold by Jesus in this chapter

   *  The importance of being prepared and productive


1) What are the main points of this chapter?
   - The destruction of the temple foretold - Mt 24:1-3
   - The sign when things would soon occur - Mt 24:4-28
   - Events after the tribulation in those days - Mt 24:29-35
   - The need to be prepared and productive - Mt 24:36-51

2) What questions were prompted by Jesusí prediction? (3)
   - "When will these things be?  What will be the sign...?"

3) What did Jesus say would not be the sign? (4-13)
   - False christs, wars, famines, pestilences, earthquakes,
     persecution, lawlessness

4) What would happen before the "end" would come? (14)
   - The gospel preached in all the world (cf. Mk 16:15; Ro 10:16-18; 
     Col 1:23)

5) What would be the sign for those in Judea to flee?  (15-16; cf. Lk
   - The abomination of desolation (Jerusalem surrounded by armies)

6) What would happen immediately after the tribulation of those days?
   - Cataclysmic events involving celestial bodies (sun, moon, stars)
   - The sign of the Son of Man, His coming on clouds of heaven,
     gathering the elect

7) Where else is language like this used to describe judgment upon a
   - Against Babylon, Egypt, Edom, Assyria Isa 13:6-13; 19:1-2; 34:4-6;
     Nah 1:1-5

8) What would not pass away before these things would be fulfilled? (34)
   - The generation of people when Jesus lived on the earth

9) Why did Jesus stress the importance of preparation and productivity?
   - No one knows the day or hour
   - The Son of Man will come unexpectedly
   - His servants will be judged by their faithful service
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