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                        "THE GOSPEL OF MATTHEW"

                           Chapter Twenty-Six

This lengthy chapter describes the flurry of events leading to Jesusí
arrest and trial, with the plot to kill Jesus (1-5,14-16), Jesusí
anointment by Mary (6-13), the last Passover supper and institution of
the Lordís Supper (17-35), Jesusí prayers in the garden (36-46), the
betrayal by Judas and accompanying arrest (47-56), the appearance before
Caiaphas and the council (57-68), and Peterís denial as foretold by
Jesus (69-75).


   *  The events leading to the arrest of Jesus

   *  The institution of the Lordís Supper

   *  Judasí betrayal and Peterís denial


1) What are the main points of this chapter?
   - The plot to kill Jesus - Mt 26:1-5,14-16
   - Jesus anointed at Bethany - Mt 26:6-13
   - The last supper - Mt 26:17-35
   - The garden of Gethsemane - Mt 26:36-46
   - Betrayal and arrest - Mt 26:47-56
   - Before Caiaphas and council - Mt 26:57-68
   - Peter denies Jesus - Mt 26:69-75

2) Who plotted to take Jesus by trickery and kill Him? (3-4)
   - The chief priests, scribes, elders, along with Caiaphas the high

3) What did Jesus say would be done for Mary who anointed Him? (13)
   - Her kind deed would be proclaimed throughout the world as a
     memorial to her

4) For how much did Judas agree with the chief priests to betray Jesus?
   - Thirty pieces of silver

5) What did Jesus institute while eating the Passover? (26-28; cf. 1Co
   - The Lordís Supper

6) What did Jesus predict would happen that night? (31-35)
   - All His disciples would stumble, Peter would deny Him three times

7) What did Jesus pray for three times in the garden of Gethsemane (39,
   - "let this cup pass from Me, nevertheless not as I will, but as You

8) What claim was Jesus willing to accept at His trail? (63-64)
   - That He was the Christ, the Son of God

9) After Peter denied knowing Jesus three times, what did he do? (75)
   - He went out and wept bitterly
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