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                         "THE BOOK OF DANIEL"

                             Chapter Five

This chapter fast forwards to 539 B.C. and the last night of Babylonian
rule.  King Belshazzar (grandson of Nebuchadnezzar) throws a drunken,
idolatrous feast that is interrupted by a hand writing on the wall
(1-12).  Daniel is brought in, and explains that it proclaims the
judgment of Belshazzar and the fall of Babylon into the hands of the
Medes and Persians (13-29) which occurs that very night (30-31). 


   *  The character of King Belshazzar contrasted with that of Daniel

   *  The meaning of the writing on the wall as explained by Daniel


1) What are the main points of this chapter?
   - Belshazzar's feast and the writing on the wall - Dan 5:1-12
   - Daniel explains the writing on the wall - Dan 5:13-29
   - Belshazzar's fall - Dan 5:30-31

2) What is the setting leading to the hand writing on the wall? (1-4)
   - A drunken, idolatrous feast using gold vessels from the house of God
     in Jerusalem

3) What reaction did the king have to the hand writing on the wall? (6)
   - Countenance changed, troubled thoughts, hip joints loosened, knees

4) Who was unable to tell the king the interpretation of the writing?
   - His wise men (astrologers, Chaldeans, soothsayers)

5) Who counseled the king to call for Daniel to interpret the writing?
   - The queen (likely the queen mother, daughter of Nebuchadnezzar)

6) Before interpreting the writing, what did Daniel tell King
   Belshazzar? (17-24)
   - The king could keep his reward (gifts) for himself
   - He had not learned from what happened to King Nebuchadnezzar
   - He had failed to humble himself before God, and did not glorify Him

7) What was the inscription written on the wall, and the
   interpretation? (24-28)
   - Mene (to number):  God has numbered your kingdom, and finished it
   - Tekel (to weigh):  You have been weighed in the balances, and found
   - Upharsin (to divide):  Your kingdom has been divided, given to the
     Medes and Persians 

8) What happened that very night? (30-31)
   - King Belshazzar was slain
   - Darius the Mede received the kingdom
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