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                         "THE BOOK OF DANIEL"

                             Chapter Six

Daniel's character, conviction and courage are seen once more in this
well known account of "Daniel in the lion's den".  Despite his age
(nearing ninety), Daniel serves his king with an excellent spirit and his
God with unwavering faith.  A plot by enemies is set to destroy him (1-9)
and he is cast into a den of lions (10-17).  God sends an angel to
deliver him (18-23), prompting King Darius of the Medes to praise the
living God of Daniel (24-28).


   *  The excellent character and faith of Daniel, the man of God

   *  Daniel as a role model for young and old, statesmen and


1) What are the main points of this chapter?
   - The trap against Daniel is set - Dan 6:1-9
   - The trap against Daniel is sprung - Dan 6:10-17
   - The trap against Daniel is spoiled - Dan 6:18-23
   - King Darius honors the God of Daniel - Dan 6:24-28

2) What position did King Darius give Daniel in his kingdom?  What was
   the king planning to do with Daniel?  Why? (1-3)
   - One of three governors over the kingdom
   - Set him over the whole realm
   - Because of his excellent spirit

3) Why did Daniel's enemies have difficulty finding any charge against
   him?  What trap was set against Daniel? (4-9)
   - Because he was faithful, without any error or fault found in him
   - To get Darius to make a decree that no one could petition a god or
     man for 30 days

4) What did Daniel do when he learned the decree had been signed? (10)
   - He went to his room and prayed toward Jerusalem as he had done since
     early days

5) What was the king forced to do when he heard of Daniel's prayers? 
   Was the king pleased? (11-17)
   - Cast Daniel into a den of lions; no, the king tried to save Daniel
     but he could not

6) How was Daniel protected from the lions? (21-23)
   - God sent His angel and shut the lions' mouths

7) What did the king do to Daniel's enemies?  What did the king do
   next? (24-28)
   - Cast those who accused Daniel into the lions' den, along with their
   - Made a decree that all should fear the God of Daniel, for He is the
     living God
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