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                      "THE EPISTLE TO THE HEBREWS"

                              Chapter Nine

To appreciate the difference between the two covenants, their respective
sanctuaries and divine services are compared.  First the earthly
sanctuary and the limitations of its divine services are reviewed
(1-10); then the greater and more perfect heavenly sanctuary with
emphasis on its better sacrifice, the blood of Christ Himself (11-28).


   *  The symbolism of the earthly tabernacle and its divine services

   *  The superiority of the heavenly High Priest and His sacrifice


1) What are the main points of this chapter?
   - The earthly sanctuary and its service - He 9:1-10
   - The heavenly sanctuary and its sacrifice - He 9:11-28

2) Describe the two parts of the earthly tabernacle and what they
   contained (2-5)
   - Holy place: lampstand, table of showbread, altar of incense (cf.
     Exo 30:1-7)
   - Holiest of All:  ark of the covenant, with the items in it, and the
     mercy seat

3) What were the limitations of the earthly tabernacle and its services?
   - Symbolic, and could not make one perfect in regard to the
   - Imposed only until the time of reformation

4) Of what was Christ the High Priest? (11,24)
   - Of good things to come, of the  greater and more perfect tabernacle

5) What sacrifice did Jesus offer? (12,14)
   - His own blood, offered without spot

6) What does the sacrifice of Christ accomplish? (12,14-15,26,28)
   - Eternal redemption (even for transgressions under the first
   - Cleansing consciences from dead works to serve the living God
   - To put away sin, once and for all

7) When did the new covenant (testament) come into force? (15-17)
   - Not until Jesus died on the cross

8) What is appointed for men? (27)
   - To die once, and then the judgment

9) For whom will Christ appear a second time for salvation? (28)
   - Those who eagerly wait for Him
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