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                      "THE EPISTLE TO THE HEBREWS"

                              Chapter Ten

The animal sacrifices of the Law (the first covenant) are shown to be
insufficient, while the death of Christ fulfills the will of God and
perfects those who are being sanctified (1-18).  A three-fold
exhortation based on what Christ has done (19-25) is followed by the
fifth of six warnings, this one against despising Godís grace with
willful sin (26-39).


   *  Why Christís sacrifice is superior to animal sacrifices

   *  The importance of drawing near to God and assembling with brethren

   *  The terrifying condition of Christians who persist in willful sin


1) What are the main points of this chapter?
   - The superiority of Christís sacrifice - He 10:1-18
   - Exhortation to draw near and hold fast - He 10:19-25
   - A warning against despising - He 10:26-39

2) Why were animal sacrifices insufficient? (1-4)
   - They did not make one perfect, because they could not take away

3) In coming to do the will of God, what has Jesus done? (9)
   - He took away the first (covenant) that He may establish the second

4) What distinguishes Christís sacrifice from those of OT priests?
   - He offered one sacrifice for all time, capable of perfecting those
     being sanctified

5) What three-fold exhortation is based on what Jesus has done? (22-24)
   - Let us draw near, let us hold fast, let us consider one another

6) What should we not forsake? (25)
   - The assembling of ourselves together

7) Whatís meant by "sin willfully"?  Whatís the consequence of doing so?
   - To knowingly persist in sin (i.e., presumptuous, rebellious sin)
   - No sacrifice for sin, certain fearful expectation of judgment and
     fiery indignation

8) Of what is one guilty when they persist in sin? Why should one be
   afraid? (29-31)
   - Trampling the Son of God underfoot, counting the blood by which one
     is sanctified a common thing, insulting the Spirit of grace
   - God will judge His people, it is a fearful thing to fall into the
     hands of the living God

9) What three things do we need to receive the promise of God? (35-39)
   - Confidence, endurance, faith
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