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                        "THE GOSPEL OF MATTHEW"

                             Chapter Eight

As Jesusí ministry in Galilee continues, Matthew describes several
miracles and related events.  Coming down from the mount, Jesus cleansed
a leper (1-4).  Entering Capernaum, He healed a centurionís servant
(5-13).  Arriving at Peterís house, He healed his mother-in-law and many
demon-possessed and all who were sick (14-17).  Before crossing the Sea
of Galilee to escape large crowds, Jesus challenged two would-be
disciples (18-22).  After calming the winds and waves of a great tempest
(23-27), He arrived on the other side of the sea where He healed two
demon-possessed men (28-34).


   *  The nature and purpose of the miracles performed by Jesus

   *  The cost of discipleship


1) What are the main points of this chapter?
   - Five miracles in the regions of Galilee and the Gergesenes - Mt
   - The cost of discipleship - Mt 8:18-22

2) List the five miracles recorded in this chapter (1-4,5-13,14-17,23-27,
   - Jesus cleanses a leper
   - Jesus heals a centurionís servant
   - Jesus heals Peterís mother-in-law (and many others)
   - Jesus calms the wind and the waves
   - Jesus heals two demon-possessed men

3) Before healing the centurionís servant, what impressed Jesus? (10)
   - The great faith of the centurion who was a Gentile

4) Before healing the servant, what did Jesus foretell? (11-12)
   - Gentiles would enter the kingdom, while many Israelites would not

5) In Peterís house, who did Jesus heal?  What prophecy was fulfilled?
   - His mother-in-law, and all the sick that were brought to Him
   - "He Himself took our infirmities And bore our sicknesses" - Isa

6) What two lessons did Jesus teach about discipleship? (19-22)
   - It can mean a life of poverty; it requires precedence over familial

7) What can we learn about fear and faith, before Jesus calmed the sea?
   - Fear comes from having little faith

8) Who did the demons acknowledge Jesus to be as He confronted them?
   - The Son of God
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