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                        "THE GOSPEL OF MATTHEW"

                              Chapter Nine

Back in Capernaum, Jesusí ministry in Galilee continued with both
forgiving and healing a paralytic (1-8).  Matthew the tax collector was
called to be a disciple, who invited Jesus to his home where He was
questioned by the Pharisees and disciples of John (9-17).   Asked by a
ruler to go and raise his dead daughter, Jesus did so, healing a woman
with a flow along the way (18-26).  Afterward Jesus healed two blind men
and a man who was both mute and demon-possessed (27-34).   He then went
about the region, teaching and healing, moved with compassion for the
multitudes that came to Him (35-38).


   *  Jesusí power to forgive sins

   *  His willingness to eat with sinners

   *  His compassion for the lost


1) What are the main points of this chapter?
   - Five miracles in Capernaum of Galilee - Mt 9:1-8,18-34
   - The call of Matthew and the questions at his house - Mt 9:9-17
   - The itinerant teaching and healing in cities and villages - Mt

2) List the five miracles recorded in this chapter (1-8,18-34)
   - Jesus forgives and heals a paralytic
   - Jesus heals a woman with a flow of blood
   - Jesus restores a rulerís daughter to life
   - Jesus heals two blind men
   - Jesus heals a man mute and demon-possessed

3) How did Jesus demonstrate His power to forgive sins? (6)
   - By healing a paralytic

4) Who was called to be a disciple and then gave a feast at his house?
   - Matthew, also known as Levi, author of this gospel (cf. Lk 5:27-29)

5) What two groups confronted Jesus regarding what two issues? (11-17)
   - The Pharisees, concerning eating with sinners
   - The disciples of John, concerning fasting

6) What explanation did Pharisees give for Jesusí ability to exorcise
   demons? (34)
   - "He casts out demons by the ruler of the demons."

7) What moved Jesus to call for prayer for more laborers? (36-38)
   - Compassion for the multitudes who were like sheep without a
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