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                        "THE GOSPEL OF MATTHEW"

                           Chapter Seventeen

The events recorded in this chapter begin with Jesus transfigured on the
mountain (1-13), referenced to later by Peter in his epistle (2Pe
1:16-18).  Afterward Jesus healed a demon-possessed boy when His
disciples were unable due to a lack of faith and prayer (14-21).  Back
in Galilee, Jesus once again predicted His death and resurrection
(22-23).  Upon arriving in Capernaum, Jesus expounded on the payment of
the temple tax (24-27).


   *  The significance of the transfiguration

   *  The reason for the failure of a miracle


1) What are the main points of this chapter?
   - The transfiguration of Jesus Christ - Mt 17:1-13
   - Jesus heals a demon-possessed boy - Mt 17:14-21
   - Jesus again predicts His death and resurrection - Mt 17:22-23
   - The payment of taxes - Mt 17:24-27

2) When was Jesus transfigured on the mount? (1)
   - After six days of saying some would not die before seeing Him
     coming in His kingdom (cf. Mt 16:28; Mk 9:1-2; Lk 9:27-28)

3) Who appeared when Jesus was transfigured?  What might they represent?
   - Moses and Elijah; the Law and the Prophets

4) What did the voice from the cloud say about Jesus?  What might it
   indicate? (5)
   - "This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.  Hear Him!"
   - That Jesus would have priority over the Law and the Prophets

5) When were the disciples to tell others what they had seen? (9)
   - Not until Jesus had risen from the dead

6) Who did Jesus say had come?  Who had fulfilled that prophecy? (10-13)
   - Elijah (cf. Mal 4:5); John the Baptist

7) Why were the disciples unable to heal the demon-possessed boy? (19-21)
   - Because of their lack of faith and prayer

8) What did Jesus predict for the second time to His disciples? (22-23)
   - His betrayal, death, and resurrection from the dead

9) Did Jesus teach His disciples to pay taxes?  How did He pay the tax?
   - Yes (cf. Mt 22:15-22); by having Peter catch a fish with a coin in
     its mouth
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