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                        "THE GOSPEL OF MATTHEW"

                            Chapter Eighteen

Answering a question by His disciples, Jesus taught the need for
child-like humility and the danger of offenses to others and to self
(1-9), followed with the parable of the lost sheep (10-14).  Further
instructions included how to deal with a sinning brother (15-20) and the
need for a forgiving heart illustrated by the parable of the unforgiving
servant (21-35).


   *  The need for humility, and concern for others in the kingdom

   *  Dealing with a sinning brother, and the importance of forgiveness


1) What are the main points of this chapter?
   - Kingdom greatness and the danger of offenses - Mt 18:1-9
   - The parable of the lost sheep - Mt 18:10-14
   - Discipline and prayer - Mt 18:15-20
   - The parable of the unforgiving servant - Mt 18:21-35

2) Who will be greatest in the kingdom of heaven? (1-5)
   - Those who are converted and humble themselves like a little child

3) How old was the little child that Jesus used as an example? (6)
   - Old enough to believe, old enough to sin

4) What types of offenses does Jesus warn against? (6-9)
   - Being an offense to believing children, and letting personal
     weakness cause you to sin

5) What parable illustrates the Fatherís concern for the lost? (12-14)
   - The parable of the lost sheep

6) In dealing with a sinning brother, what steps should be taken?
   - Go and tell the brother his fault between you and him alone
   - If that doesnít work, take one or two more with you to serve as
   - If that doesnít work, tell it to the church
   - If that doesnít work, then no longer associate with him

7) What increases the likelihood that God will answer prayer? (19-20)
   - When two or three pray together

8) How many times should we be willing to forgive a brother? (21-22)
   - Up to seventy times seven (490); cf. seven times in one day, Lk

9) What grave warning is in the parable of the unforgiving servant? (33)
   - "So My heavenly Father also will do to you..."
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