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                        "THE GOSPEL OF MATTHEW"

                             Chapter Twenty

Continuing His reply to Peterís question ("what shall we have?"), Jesus
told the parable of the laborers (1-16), then predicted His death and
resurrection a third time as they headed toward Jerusalem (17-19).  When
the mother of James and John requested a special place for her sons in
the kingdom, Jesus said it was not His to give.  He used the occasion to
teach all His apostles the principle of greatness through service
(20-28).  Leaving Jericho, Jesus gave sight to two blind men who would
not let the crowds deter them (29-34).


   *  Should one delay in their obedience to the gospel?

   *  The danger of a mercenary spirit

   *  The importance of humble service


1) What are the main points of this chapter?
   - The parable of the laborers - Mt 20:1-16
   - Jesus predicts His death and resurrection a third time - Mt
   - Greatness and serving in the kingdom - Mt 20:20-28
   - Jesus heals two blind men - Mt 20:29-34

2) Whose question had prompted the telling of the parable of the
   laborers? (1)
   - Peterís, cf. Mt 19:27

3) What should not be deduced from this parable?  Why? (1-10)
   - That it is alright to put off obeying the invitation to obeying the
   - Those who started later responded as soon as they were given
     opportunity, Mt 20:6-7

4) What is the main point of the parable of the laborers? (11-16)
   - One should not begrudge others for receiving the same reward for
     less service

6) List the three passages in which Jesus foretold His death and
   - Mt 16:21; 17:22-23; 20:19-20

7) Who asked Jesus for a privileged position in His kingdom? (20-21)
   - The mother of Zebedeeís sons (James and John) in their behalf

8) What quality is considered great in the kingdom? (25-28)
   - Serving others, even as Jesus came to this earth to serve

9) What commendable spirit did the two blind men manifest? (30-31)
   - Persistence in their request for mercy
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