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                        "THE GOSPEL OF MATTHEW"

                           Chapter Twenty-One

Jesus began His Last Week before His crucifixion with a triumphant entry
into Jerusalem (1-11), followed with dramatic acts like driving the
moneychangers from the temple (12-17) and cursing the barren fig tree
(18-22).  His authority was soon challenged (23-27), and in response
Jesus told the parables of the two sons (28-32) and the wicked
vinedressers (33-46), understood by the religious leaders to be directed
toward them.


   *  The significance of the triumphal entry, cleansing the temple,
      cursing the fig tree

   *  The conflict between Jesus and the religious leaders


1) What are the main points of this chapter?
   - The triumphal entry - Mt 21:1-11
   - Jesus cleanses the temple - Mt 21:12-17
   - Jesus curses the fig tree - Mt 21:18-22
   - Jesusí authority questioned - Mt 21:23-27
   - The parable of the two sons - Mt 21:28-32
   - The parable of the wicked vinedressers - Mt 21:33-46

2) What prophecy was fulfilled by Jesusí triumphant entry into
   Jerusalem? (4-5)
   - The prophecy by Zechariah, Zec 9:9

3) Why was Jesus angry at the merchandising going on in the temple? (13)
   - Godís house of prayer had been turned into a den of thieves

4) Why were the religious leaders angry with Jesus? (15)
   - For what they saw Jesus doing, and what they heard people saying

5) What might the cursing of the barren fig tree signify?  (19)
   - The Lordís displeasure and coming judgment upon Israelís leaders

6) Where does authority in religion come from? (25)
   - Either from heaven (the Word of God) or from men (teachings of men)

7) Who did the two sons in the parable represent? (28-32)
   - The first son:  tax collectors and harlots who repented at the
     preaching of John
   - The second son:  religious leaders who did not believe John

8) What prophecy foretold that religious leaders would reject Jesus?
   - The one found in Ps 118:22-23
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