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                         "THE GOSPEL OF MARK"

                             Chapter Five

After calming the storm, Jesus and His disciples disembarked on the coast
of the Gadarenes (Gerasenes), located between the Jordan River and 
eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee (1). Jesus healed a man possessed and
tormented by a legion of demons, only to be begged by the residents to 
leave.  The man who was healed, however, went on to proclaim in Decapolis
all that Jesus had done (2-20).  Sailing over to the other side of the 
Sea, Jesus raised to life the daughter of Jairus, a ruler of the synagogue
(21-24,35-43), along the way healing a woman who suffered a flow of blood
for twelve years (25-34).


   *  The demons acknowledgement of Jesus as "Son of the Most High God"

   *  The irrational fear of the people of the Gadarenes

   *  Why Jesus permitted the man healed of demon possession to tell 
      others what He had done, but wanted the raising of Jairus' daughter
      kept secret


1) What are the main points of this chapter?
   - A demon-possessed man healed - Mk 5:1-20
   - Jairus' daughter raised to life - Mk 5:21-24,35-43
   - Woman healed of a flow of blood - Mk 5:25-34

2) Where did Jesus and His disciples disembark after the storm was calmed?
   - On the coast of the Gadarenes (Gerasenes), along the SE coast of the
     Sea of Galilee 

3) What miracle(s) did Jesus perform at that place? (2-13)
   - Healed a demon-possessed man, casting the legion of demons into a 
     herd of swine

4) How did the swine react? The residents of that place? The healed man?
   - Ran off a cliff, drowning in the sea; asked Jesus to leave; 
     proclaimed Jesus in Decapolis

5) Where then did Jesus and His disciples go? (21)
   - Across the sea by boat to the other side, where a great multitude
     gathered to Him

6) Who came to Jesus, asking Him to come and heal his dying daughter?
   - Jairus, one of rulers of the synagogue

7) Who did Jesus heal along the way? (25-34)
   - A woman who hemorrhaged for twelve years, who touched the hem of His

8) After Jesus raised the ruler's daughter, what two commands did He give?
   - Not to tell anyone about it; to give the young girl something to eat
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