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                         "THE GOSPEL OF MARK"

                              Chapter Six

Jesus returned to His home of Nazareth to an unreceptive audience, but
continued teaching in the surrounding villages (1-6).  He then sent out
the Twelve with power to exorcise demons and to heal, with a commission
to preach repentance (7-13).  About this time John the Baptist was
imprisoned and beheaded by King Herod (14-29).  Soon after the Twelve
returned from their healing and preaching ministry, Jesus fed over 5000
people with five loaves and two fish (30-44).  Sending His disciples to
sail toward Bethsaida, Jesus prayed on a mountain and then walked on
the sea to His disciples in their boat (45-52).  After arriving at the
land of Gennesaret, people brought their sick wherever He was.  As many
as touched Jesus were healed (53-56).


   *  The reception of Jesus in His home town of Nazareth

   *  The success of the Twelve and of Jesus in their respective healing

   *  The courage of John the Baptist to preach God's truth on divorce
      and remarriage


1) What are the main points of this chapter?
   - Jesus rejected at Nazareth - Mk 6:1-6
   - The twelve apostles sent on a limited commission - Mk 6:7-13
   - John the Baptist beheaded by King Herod - Mk 6:14-29
   - Feeding the five thousand - Mk 6:30-44
   - Jesus walks on the Sea - Mk 6:45-52
   - Many touch Him and are made well - Mk 6:53-56

2) Why was Jesus rejected at Nazareth? (2-3)
   - They allowed their familiarity of Him and His family prejudice
     themselves against Him

3) What did the Twelve apostles do on their Limited Commission? (12-13)
   - They preached that people should repent, cast out demons, and healed
     many sick

4) Why did Herod arrest John the Baptist?  Who prompted Herod to kill 
   him? (14-29)
   - Because John told Herod he had an unlawful marriage; Herodias and
     her daughter

5) When Jesus fed a large multitude, how many were there and with what?
   - 5000 men; five loaves and two fish

6) When Jesus walked on the sea, what were His disciples' reactions?
   - First fear, thinking Him to be a ghost; then amazement, as they
     marveled at Him

7) How successful were those who begged to touch the hem of Jesus'
   garment (56)
   - As many as touched Him were healed
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