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                         "THE GOSPEL OF MARK"

                             Chapter Nine

The events recorded in this chapter begin with Jesus transfigured on
the mountain (1-13), referenced later by Peter in his epistle (2Pe
1:16-18).  Afterward Jesus healed a demon-possessed boy when His
disciples were unable due to a lack of faith and prayer (14-29).  Back
in Galilee, Jesus once again predicted His death and resurrection
(30-32).  Upon arriving in Capernaum, Jesus taught the need for
child-like humility (33-37), to beware of sectarianism (38-41), the
danger of offenses to others and to self (42-48), the seasoning effect
of fire and salt, concluding with a call to have peace with one another


   *  The significance of the transfiguration

   *  The need for humility

   *  The danger of sectarianism 

   *  The warnings against causing others or yourself to sin

   *  The seasoning effect of "fire" and "salt", and being at peace with
      one another


1) What are the main points of this chapter?
   - Jesus transfigured on the mountain - Mk 9:1-13
   - Jesus heals a demon-possessed boy - Mk 9:14-29
   - Jesus predicts His resurrection a second time - Mk 9:30-32
   - Jesus teaches on various topics in Capernaum - Mk 9:33-50
2) Who witnessed the transfiguration of Jesus?  Who appeared with
   Him? (2,4)
   - Peter, James, and John
   - Elijah and Moses

3) What did the voice in the cloud proclaim concerning Jesus? (7)
   - "This is My beloved Son.  Hear Him!"

4) When Jesus said "Elijah has also come", who did He refer to? (13,
   Mt 17:10-13)
   - John the Baptist

5) Why could the disciples not heal the demon-possessed boy? (28-29)
   - Their lack of faith

6) How did the disciples' react when Jesus predicted His death &
   resurrection? (32)
   - They did not understand and were afraid to ask Him

7) What topics did Jesus teach in Capernaum? (33-50)  
   - The need for child-like humility     
   - To beware of sectarianism
   - The danger of offenses to others and to self
   - The seasoning effect of "fire" and "salt"
   - To be at peace with one another               
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