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                         "THE GOSPEL OF MARK"

                              Chapter Ten

Arriving in Judea, Jesus is questioned by Pharisees on the subject of
divorce (1-12).  Little children were brought for Him to bless and
Jesus did so over initial objections of His disciples, teaching them the
value of childlike reception of the kingdom of God (13-16). When a
rich young ruler questioned Him concerning eternal life (17-22), He
used the occasion to teach His disciples about riches in relation to the 
kingdom of God (23-31).  For a third time  (cf. Mk 8:31-33; 9:30-32)
Jesus predicted His death and resurrection (32-34), then used a request
by James and John to teach His apostles the value of servitude (35-45).
Leaving Jericho, Jesus healed blind Bartimaeus (46-52).   


   *  Jesus' doctrine related to marriage and divorce

   *  Childlike humility and the servant mindset as attributes in the

   *  Possessions and rewards in reference to the kingdom of God


1) What are the main points of this chapter?
   - Jesus teaches on marriage and divorce - Mk 10:1-12
   - Jesus blesses little children - Mk 10:13-16
   - Jesus speaks on riches in relation to the kingdom of God - Mk 
   - Jesus predicts His death and resurrection for the third time - Mk
   - Jesus explains the value of servitude to His apostles - Mk 10:35-45
   - Jesus heals blind Bartimaeus - Mk 10:46-52

2) What did Jesus teach concerning marriage and divorce? (9,11-12)
   - What God has joined together, let not man separate
   - Whoever divorces and remarries, commits adultery (with one exception,
     cf. Mt 19:9)

3) How should one receive the kingdom of God, and be great in it? (15,
   - As a little child, to serve others like the Son of Man came to
     serve and give His life

4) Why is it hard for those who are rich to enter the kingdom of God?
   Does it mean rich Christians can't be saved? (24-27)
   - They're more likely to trust in riches
   - Not if riches are used properly (cf. 1Ti 6:17-19)

5) What blessings are for those willing to forsake all if necessary?
   - A hundredfold houses, brothers, sisters, mothers, children, lands,
     and eternal life

6) What did Jesus predict would happen to Him? (32-34)
   - Betrayal, being mocked, scourged, and killed, but rising again on
     the third day

7) What persistent man did Jesus heal of blindness? (46-52)
   - Bartimaeus
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